European Project for web-assisted Environmental Education
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E. The budget

The budget defines the expenses and revenues for the whole project. An early draft will secure the agreement of both internal and external partners. The following items can be listed:

Expected expensesExpected revenues
  • For project preparation (location spotting, meetings with experts, users, etc.)
  • For fieldwork by the pupils
  • For invited experts and/or lecturers...
Costs of stay (for a transplanted class for example): External contributors: fees, mobility costs... Project running: consumables (paper, ink cartridges...), phone calls, chemical products for chemical and biological tests … Equipement: measuring instruments billboards for an exhibition..

Own contribution (school, school association, club, parents…)




Environmental bodies

Water agency


Total expenses:   Total revenues:  

  • Previously check which items can be financed by which partner.
  • Revenues and expenses must be balanced!