These Three Materials That Are In The House You Can Use To Clean Stains On The Carpet

Carpet is one of the home furniture that should always look clean to be used comfortably. In addition, a clean carpet can also make you avoid all kinds of diseases. To clean the carpet, you can use upholstery cleaning sydney to get maximum results and good.

In addition, there are some things you can use to clean the carpet in your house, like

1. Detergent
If there are stains that are very difficult to remove, then try to use a detergent solution. You have to clean the stain in different directions to get it perfectly clean.

2. Flour
This can be done to overcome the wet stain, you can sprinkle the fine flour on the stain then cover with a sheet of paper and heavy objects on it. After half an hour, then wipe the flour from the carpet and repeat the process when necessary.
3. Shaving Cream
This turned out to be usable and very powerful to repel stains. First, apply the cologne to the stain and rub with a toothbrush in the opposite direction and make sure you clean the cream without remaining.

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