Tips for dealing with bus and trucks on the road

For those of you who are road users, whether private cars or motorbikes are often in a difficult position when addressing the will of buses or trucks on the highway. Moreover, a lot of motorists or cars involved in accidents with large vehicles such as buses and trucks. You even more horrified even to keep the distance do not want to get close or let alone meet. In the meantime, you can Visit our website at to hire the best traffic accident lawyer near you.

Well, let you can keep driving safely, patiently and can prevent accidents, see tips on facing the bus night:

1. If your path is taken from the opposite direction

Reduce speed, move to the left, just plug the right light (the signal that you ask for a way) and love the lights away (dim) just once (alert signal “watch out”) do not mock the driver then you will be respected and given away. But if the lights away in painting, please do not be given away. Try it and believe it!

2. You want to overtake the bus

Give them a life dim once before you go ahead of them and if you suddenly time try to get ahead of them, there is a vehicle opposite quite close from the front, quite short bell once and give a light flicker once. God willing you will be given way.

3. You want to overtake the bus but in front of the bus there is a truck

If you are behind the bus, there is a truck in front of the bus and you want to overtake the truck, turn on once while still behind the bus. This is a sign that some are following the bus. Then pay attention to the bus sein lights:

– If the sein bus is switched on to the right, it means in front of the safe and you can follow the bus.

– If the bus sign switched briefly to the right and hold back to the left, meaning that there is a vehicle from the opposite direction, which in turn must be back to the left.