How to Choose the Watch for Triathlon

Of course, watches are one of the accessories that are already attached and can not be separated from someone, there are even people everywhere always wearing watches. In this article, I will share tips on choosing watches or watches used for sports activities. For information, I also used to wear watches while exercising, such as jogging, cycling, playing volleyball, swimming, and another light exercise. If you are considering the best watch for the triathlon, it would be better to go to the store after learning how to choose a watch designed specifically for best garmin watch for triathlon . Just keep reading the article of mine and get great chance to find out the watch as you are seeking.

Type of Sports

Adjust the type of sports that acted. Examples of sports that the perpetrators commonly use watches are running, cycling, swimming, and others.


Features embedded in various sports watches, such as the stopwatch, timer, alarm, step counters, GPS, compass, altitude meter, and so on. Even for watches labeled ‘smartwatch’ more sophisticated because it can be connected with a smartphone. Hmm, usually the more features offered are directly proportional to the price of the watch. So choose a watch that offers features that match your sports type.


Almost all watches that have the genre ‘sport’ equipped with water resistant features or water resistant. Well, adjust the waterproof category with the type of sport you will focus on. For example, for sports running or cycling the use of watches with waterproof category 5 bars or 50 meters is enough. While for sports such as diving (diving) required a higher waterproof category.

Easy to use

The next criterion is about the use or operationalization of the watch. Although this can be learned or the user will get used to the time running, but choose a watch that functions can be used and operated with the optimal and easy.