The signs of an ergonomic office chair

Although there are many models of office chairs based on work positions and professional types, ergonomic office chairs have the following four common traits. Therefore, make sure that the office chair you choose – at least – meets the following criteria. However, you should also consider buying the other high-quality pieces of Office Furniture as well, so your office will become a lot more comfortable.


Wheels are the basic requirement of ergonomic office chairs. This feature is the first feature created to boost the productivity of an employee. The wheel on the office chair will help someone move from one place to another without having to leave his seat. This feature reduces the time and energy one has to use to get up from a chair, walk toward its destination, back to the work area and sit back into the office chair.

Adjustable Seat Height

The ergonomic office chair has the right height for its users, so the seat user can set foot on the floor. Not only that, for the convenience of work and health of the body, the grooves between the thighs with the legs should also form an angle of 900. Thus, given the office chair can be used by began people with variations in height, office chairs with seat height adjustment is a requirement that must fulfill in choosing an office chair.

Helps Arrange the Right Arm

For reasons of comfort and health, when working using office chairs and work areas (eg, desks), the elbows should form an angle of 900. For this requirement to be fulfilled by an office chair, you should first try the chair you want to buy. Feel, whether the chair can make you comfortable or not. Watch the corner on your elbows when using the chair with the work table. You can also choose an office chair with a seat arm feature. With this feature, the arm of the chair can be adjusted to adjust the posture of the user’s seat, so as to reach the angle of 900 when using a chair with a work table.