Do You Know The Facts About Cycling?

Cycling is one of the lightest sports that are affordable enough to be done by anyone. There are many suppositions about this one sport. Some consider cycling to be a fun sport on weekends and there are also those who view cycling as an activity to fill in leisure time. There are even some workers who make bikes as a means of efficient and healthy transportation. But if you are lately bored with cycling activities that way then it would be better if you try the best zwift trainer that is a static bike that has a virtual screen that allows you to connect with thousands of other cyclists so that now you can bike at home without must be bored or exposed to pollution.

Regardless, do you know about the unique facts related to cycling sports? Here’s the review!

1. Different bicycle designs for men and women due to consideration of women who love to wear skirts when cycling. Hence the bike design for women is not horizontal but slightly curved or tilted.

2. With a minimum of 20 miles of cycling, a week will reduce the risk of heart disease by 50% (British Heart Foundation).

3. Some inventors or successful world start careers by making bicycles, such as Henry Ford and the Wright brothers.

4. The highest speed of a person when cycling is achieved by John Howard, American cyclists with a speed of 152.2 miles / hour.

5. The number of bicycle users more than doubled the number of motorcycle users in the world.

6. Longest bike ever made 67 feet long with 35 seats.

7. Fred A. Birchmore manages to circumnavigate the world by cycling. It covers a total distance of 40,000 miles, of which 25,000 miles are cycled and the rest by boat. Along the way, Fred spent 7 sets of tires.

8. When you ride a bike you use the same amount of energy as you walked. It’s just that you travel three times faster.

9. The most expensive bicycle ever is a design artist Damien Hurst auctioned for 500,000 US dollars.