Fix EyeSight With These Four Tips

Eyes become the source of life for everyone. A healthy eye condition will make a person able to live their life well. However, what if the eye condition has worsened slightly, the view is also a little unclear, what should be done? Actually, there are many ways you can do related to this problem. One way is to visit the website and discover how to deal with the already worsening vision. In addition, there are some tips you can do to improve vision that you think has begun to get worse and not as it once was. Some of these tips are

1. Perform Relaxation In The Eyes
You can do simple relaxation on the eyes, by rubbing both palms together quickly to create heat, then place each palm over the eyes to make the eyes more comfortable. Do this every time you take a break during the day.

2. Blink Eyes Regularly
Winking intentionally is one very simple way to keep eye health fresh and avoid eye fatigue. This can be done by those who are used to working in front of the computer so that moisture in the eye area can be maintained.

3. Focus on Objects
Most people who work in front of the computer in a long time usually have difficulties to see the objects that long distance. To fix this problem, you can focus on seeing things at a great distance for 5 seconds. This technique will usually help improve your focus to see objects at a certain distance.

4. Changing Lifestyle
Eat foods that make your eyes healthier. You can consume green leafy vegetables, foods containing omega-3 fatty acids contained in salmon or tuna, a source of protein in bananas and nuts. You can also stop smoking habit for those who are familiar with this habit.