Tips on Choosing a Belt For Men

One of the accessories that men often wear on various occasions is a belt. If in the wrong you choose a belt, then you must immediately improve your taste in dress. To avoid such mistakes you must know the basics of choosing the right belt. Here we will provide tips on how to choose the right pasek męski to support your appearance.

– Customize Belt Colors with Shoe Color
In order to look more harmonious, you must adjust the color of the belt that you use with the color of shoes used. This applies not only when attending a formal event but when appearing casual can be applied as well. For example, when wearing a brown belt then use a brown shoe as well. Collection of men’s accessories Marks and Spencer provides a variety of colors men’s belts.

– Choose a Belt Size that is One Level above Pants Size
This needs to be done to fit the size of the pants you wear. The size of the belt should be a few centimeters long after you tighten it at least through the belt loop. But please avoid the dangling rope, by pulling and hiding the belt in the opposite direction to be more stylish.

– Belt for Formal Events
When attending a formal event, you should wear a belt that looks small and flat. For formal belts, in general, have a golden or silver buckle. In order to look more modern, choose a belt textured like leather.

– Belt for Casual Event
For casual events, you can wear a belt with a choice of materials and colors to taste. Nevertheless, avoid wearing a belt with excessive motives to avoid damaging your appearance.

– Distinguish a Quality Belt and Not
Characteristics of a good quality belt that is not easily cracked when stretched and can withstand nail scratches. We recommend that you select a tight seam and uninterrupted at the end for long lasting. Complete your look with a tie that matches the color of the belt. Additional tips, whatever the belt model and shape, should keep the belt hanging in a dry place and not exposed to direct sunlight in order to maintain the shape and quality of the skin and immediately remove the belt from your pants as soon as used.