The safety tips for your next flights

If we hear and see so many accidents, there is no other way than to be careful and vigilant when deciding to travel by plane. That way, at least you provide the best tricks for keselamatan keamanan penerbangan. What will happen next, let God decide? So, what should we do?

Here’s a tip you can run before using air transportation services.

Non-Transit Routes

The plane crashes have been the result of a multi-stage flight procession. These stages include takeoff and landing processes that are vulnerable to accident risks. Therefore, as much as possible choose a direct flight route without transit. So the plane you are riding enough takeoff and landing just once. That way, the possibility of accidents due to travel process can be minimized.

Choose a plane with a passenger capacity of more than 30 people

Why is that? Because on airplanes with passenger capacity below 30 people, the design is not required hard rule and also not too stringent certification. Aircraft with a capacity of more than 30 people are often called large-bodied aircraft. On large-bodied aircraft, it has a statistically better security system in case of a serious accident.