These Two Types Of Ads In The Most Used Online Media

In the present, advertising for a business is a very necessary thing, especially online advertising, because everyone is connected to the internet. An ad will not work perfectly if it does not have the right target market in it. To reach the target market, you will probably need geofencing. With GPS-based, you’ll be able to reach them wherever they are.

In the advent of the internet, you will indeed choose ads that appear in the online media, there are several types of these ads that you need to know, such as

1. Direct Advertising
This is where advertisers and media owners deal directly and sign contracts to show ads or other promotions. This ad format is in the form of text or images in a banner.

2. Ad Networks
This is where an ad network connects between the advertiser and the site owner. These ads usually will target a lot of people with the lowest possible cost.