What is Meant by SEO

On the internet, there are billions of websites that contain a variety of topics and information. Suppose there is someone who needs information about the history of the world, how can he find it? Well, this is the search engine function. Just use a search engine like Google, it will display various websites that contain information about the history of the world. Search engines work with 2 things: crawler and algorithm. Visit www.charles-brian.com/los-angeles-seo/ and get the best SEO service.

– CRAWLER: It’s a kind of software or script bot in charge of collecting database (indexing) all the websites that exist on the internet and store them in a large database unity. The main task of crawlers is to collect.

– ALGORITHM: The formula or formula created by the search engines in determining which website priority is displayed earlier (of the many database websites that have been collected) in a particular specific search. The main task of the algorithm is to compile.

With 2 simple information, then the logic is that your website can be displayed at the beginning for a keyword search, then you should be able to make your website can be indexed by search engines and qualify algorithm formula. Doing those two things is what is called SEO.