When people don’t know what SEO means

Often I find some people have made an online store but when asked to them about SEO, they asked back, a question that I often hear like this. why should online shop know SEO and for what SEO? if you have this way, of course, you will fail to run the online store based website, you need to remember that until this moment only seo able to bring many visitors. and seo own until this moment is free. anyone you can use seo for the media campaign on the internet. if you already build an online store on the internet but do not yet know about seo, hope for success will be narrow and very thin. one thing you should know that the actual online store is the same as a blog or site on the internet. which is then used as a means of buying and selling in cyberspace. Aside from SEO, you may need the iklan google to help you further maximize the profits of your online business as well.

so if you do not know what it seo please undo your intention to be successful on the internet, can you run a campaign with advertising on social media or SEM but it does not cost a lot not less, maybe you will never even know that running a campaign on social media and SEM cost a lot. So what should you do? Learn more about seo so you will be easy to create a successful internet store with lots of turnovers. if necessary you can contact seo services if you are not able to optimize seo optimally.