18th May 2024

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8 Imaginative Ways to use Animation in Mobile App Development

Good mobile app development needs to feature a great interface design and an engaging user experience, but people also judge by appearances. Developers need to make sure their app is beautiful enough to stand out in a crowded marketplace. On all counts, animations can help. UI animations can help reduce cognitive load when used correctly, draw and direct the attention of users, and make it easier to navigate an interface.

To win over customers, we advise developers on how to integrate animations  into their UIs. Get it right, and it will work. Yet using too many animations or using them in the wrong places, can cause an unpleasant or distracting experience.

So, when animations are suitable? This post brings together some best practices to use animation in mobile apps and teach you how to create an app interface. Take a look at the below articles for guiding on incorporating motion to your interfaces.

01. Animated app launch screens

Studies show that people expect apps to be loaded immediately, but this is not always possible with complex mobile apps. Loading animations can disturb the users and shorten the load time. There are many different animation options for load screens.

Other designers like to become more creative and connect their animation to the theme of the app itself or the rest of the branding.

02. Animated login screens

Some apps request users to log in before they start. Background illustration can help to create a login screen and keep new users on the side to take the time to log in.

Enhance an animated login screen to distract the viewers while checking the username and password they entered. 

03. Animated onboarding screens

Software developers comprehend the onboarding process’s importance. This gives advantages for first-time users to familiarize themselves with the app. If they don’t understand how to use it, there is a real risk that they will abandon the app.

Showing users static slides are a common approach to onboarding experience, but animated walk-throughs are much more engaging.

04. Animated progress and activity indicators

It is common knowledge that people are impatient and hate waiting. Developers do their best to ensure their apps work efficiently and quickly, but sometimes waiting is unavoidable when something needs to be loaded or a new element has to be installed.

Animated progress or activity indicators are often used for applications to capture user attention. These may be either circular or linear and developers prefer to choose indeterminate indicators for fast-moving operations and to classify indicators for more than two or three seconds-long behavior.

05. Animated buttons and controls

Developers use animations comprehensively for various buttons and controls. An animated handset could be a common illustration to designate an incoming call.

06. Menus

Mobile app menus provide ample imagination. Many designers use different fonts and backgrounds to maximize their appeal. Others go even further and benefit from animated buttons and fonts to make their applications more unique.

07. Pull-to-refresh

Both users and developers love swipe-to-refresh patterns, This updating routine content involves a physical interaction between the human being and the app, just like a discussion between the two.

08. Error pages

There would never be errors in an ideal world. But truthfully,  sometimes things don’t go as planned. You can help spread the frustration of hitting a dead end by putting some effort into your error pages. A custom error page may help retain users.


Whenever possible, adding in-app animations is a fantastic way to create an engaging user interface. For various problems, they have become an effective solution. These have been our eight imaginative ideas and the best places to use in-app animations. Remember that all well-designed motion components, such as custom animations, improve the experience and make the mobile app more user-friendly and easily accessible. Reach professional mobile app development company in Dubai and must check the portfolio of the company either the app developers are expert in app development or not. Always carefully select the app development companies that deliver your mobile application on time with highest standards