20th May 2024

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Benefits of using a quality router for your WiFi services

It can be disappointing to have your router misbehave when you are in the middle of something important on the internet. High-quality routers provide you a high level of intelligence and use better features that make your experience more enjoyable.

In addition to having a quality router, you will also need a good Internet service provider as well. This is why you should read about broadband internet services in the USA on US-Reviews. You will subsequently know the best Internet Service Provider to patronize. Here are the benefits of using a good router:

Easily offer guest access

Good routers easily roll out the welcome mat to your guests with free Wi-Fi. On some routers, the guest access is already in default mode. However, you can choose not to grant access to external entities, so you can always disable the setting. If you allow guest access, it is advised you change your password often.

Some high-quality routers allow for multiple frequencies, so you can enjoy higher-performance access and even limit the number of hours your guests can access your Wi-Fi. There are mobile apps you can use to manage your routers.

Provide external storage

If you want to get rid of the pain of shared data storage, you should get a high-quality router. Such a router often can connect with external storage, with different options depending on the make.

You can access the data through multiple paths, network mapping which makes the folders available on the internet too, etc. You can also use USB storage devices such as thumb drives, hard drives, etc. as an attachment or shared-storage device. This double-duty helps to ease the burden of storing your data properly.

Control traffic

With a quality router, you can ensure that your most important applications enjoy faster internet speed. Router makers have geometrically improved from using extensions and services that only supported a few generations and could not configure the bandwidth setting to using more optimal network speed.

As such, you can now enjoy an optimized networking performance. You can configure user devices and specific applications. For instance, if you work as an administrator, you can prioritize your desktop devices and if you are a business owner, you can add some software to priority lists, which enhance your business operations.

Enable parental control

If you are a parent, parental controls help to stop your kids from visiting websites with degenerative content. Also, it helps you to keep a rein on the accessibility of websites; for instance, your workers won’t be able to access a website that shouldn’t be accessed during company times in a business environment. This also means more protection for your network in light of phishing and malware penetration.

Provide backup servers

Some high-end routers have features that work as media servers: controlling where and how video and audio services are delivered. This feature can be used to manage the sharing permissions for files on external storage attachments. There is also the option of a backup application that allows you to use storage devices as part of your automated backup. With this, you can do more with backup servers and connected media. A high-quality router is well worth the effort and time if you can invest in getting one.