23rd September 2023

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Canon PowerShot Pick review | Digital Camera World

Originally released in time for Christmas 2021, the Canon PowerShot Pick was, at that time, the company’s first ‘smart’ camera intended to revolutionize the way people – specifically families – take photographs. Sold as the Powershot PX in Europe, the Pick is a AI-powered surveillance device of sorts, the intention here was that the camera automatically takes photographs and videos without anyone needing to press a shutter release button. 

With a pepperpot-style webcam look, the PowerShot Pick was designed to be as unobtrusive as possible when stuck on a shelf or mantelpiece. The idea is that we’re free to socialize while it takes candid, un-posed snaps. Opinion was split in our household from the off, with some finding the look of the device ‘cute’ but others decrying it as ugly.