19th May 2024

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Canon’s launches its cheapest PTZ camera yet

 Canon is launching its most affordable PTZ camera to date. The Canon CR-N100 is essentially a stripped-down version of the CR-N300 – but that still offers 4K video capture, and a built-in 20x optical zoom.

PTZ, or pan-tilt-zoom cameras, have been an increasing tool in video production. They can be used for streaming, and can be used to give an extra camera position without the need for an additional operator. The zoom and built-in motorized head can be operated remotely – in much the same way as a security camera.

The CR-N100 becomes the sixth model in Canon’s grown PTZ camera range, and will be the least expensive of the four indoor models. Launched at IBC 2023 this week, the key differences between this and the very similar CR-N300 is that the CR-N100’s lens is not image stabilized – and there is no SDI video output.

The Canon CR-N100 PTZ camera will be available in white or black (Image credit: Canon)

The camera uses a 1/2.3in 8.3 megapixel sensor, and has a built-in zoom that gives a full-frame equivalent 30.5-625mm range. The pan head can rotate through 340° and can move at between 0.2-100 degrees per second. The tilt range is from -30 to +100 degrees. The unit uses hybrid AF, and features face detection. Intelligent Auto Tracking, available with an additional paid license, can recognize up to nine subjects to help with filming groups.