5th March 2024

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Eufy Indoor Cam C120 review

Security cameras come in all shapes, sizes, specifications, and indeed price. The Eufy Indoor Cam C120 is both unobtrusive, in resembling either a webcam or a mini 1970s portable TV on a stand, and inexpensive, its low cost making it an almost impulse buy for anyone thinking about installing a security camera in their home. Even if it’s just to watch what our pets are up to when we’re not around. 

Eufy Indoor Cam C120: Specifications

Camera: Maximum 2K resolution
Coverage: 125°
Sensitivity range: Up to 32ft
Dimensions: 5.7×5.7×10.45cm
Weight: 104.3g 

This particular device features what Eufy is calling on-device AI, claimed to be able to determine whether a human or our pet is present, as well as only recording when something of interest occurs. Built-in two-way audio also purports to be able to allow us to speak remotely, via our smartphone or digital device, with any person or animal that passes by the security camera. Useful perhaps if checking whether the kids have arrived home safely from school when we’re not around in person.