5th March 2024

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Even Microsoft’s Windows lead agrees the Start menu in Windows 11 is flawed

What you need to know

  • Windows lead at Microsoft, Mikhail Parakhin, has pointed out that he’ll push his team to work on a fix for one of the most annoying things with the Start menu in Windows 11.
  • Users will soon be able to scroll through their entire list of apps via the Start menu without clicking on the ‘All apps’ option.
  • Parakhin has also asked users to vote on which UX framework in WindowsMicrosoft should invest more, so we’re likely to see more improvements throughout the year. 

For an operating system that has been available for over two years now, Windows 11’s adoption rate is rather slow. A few factors can be attributed to this, including Microsoft’s strict system requirements for the OS, the dramatic shift in the PC market, and flaws in its design.

The Start menu in Windows 11 isn’t improving things, drawing criticism and causing controversy over the years. Our Managing Editor, Jez Corden, is also one of the Windows users who view the Start menu in Windows 11 as a flop. Further sharing the sentiments highlighted below: