20th May 2024

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Get rid of Microsoft’s Start Menu ads with this new software tool — the “Oh F*ck Go Back” program cleans up Windows 11

Many Windows 11 users are up in arms after Microsoft added unremovable ads to its start menu in its latest update. Thankfully, a solution has arrived in “Oh F*ck Go Back” (OFGB), a program that allows users to disable every flavor of ad on the operating system with the click of the mouse.

OFGB comes from Maddy (@xM4ddy), a programmer who drives Arch Linux daily rather than Windows and was inspired to build the novelty tool for Windows anyway. The program presents a simple-to-use GUI that itemizes the ads you can remove, highlighting how many ads we enjoy on Windows now. Each checkbox clicked safely edits the registry for you, saving users undue confusion and the risk of breaking their OS with a typo. The program has found moderate levels of virality through Reddit and Twitter reposts and has even attracted a few thousand users. We could reach her for comment, asking about her reasons for leaving Windows behind, the tool’s existence, and what life is like on the Linux side of the fence. Some responses have been minimally edited for clarity.