22nd September 2023

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Here’s Why Your Posts On LinkedIn Are Being Ignored

You spent over an hour tediously crafting your last LinkedIn social media post. All the components are there: sticky first sentence, clear photo, hashtags, and yet after posting, it seems that nothing is happening. There’s only one thing missing: a story.

Altering just a few details to improve your storytelling can take your posts on LinkedIn from silent to soaring.

Captivating an audience means crafting a commanding narrative with a distinct lesson or message. It’s a challenging skill, but one that pays off. A survey by LinkedIn revealed that 77% of users say the platform, compared to others, produces the best organic results. Creating irresistible content can enhance your brand and increase your bottom line. Here are three story-based questions to consider before pressing the post button:

1. Does This Post Make Me A Reliable Narrator?

Do a quick scroll of your LinkedIn Newsfeed. Chances are high that stories anchored in professional life are the most frequent content you just saw. It is our job to share stories on this platform, and the main component of storytelling is a reliable narrator.

Consider sharing teachable moments you’ve experienced. “Be authentic,” said Rachel Hickey, Director of Digital Marketing at Pulp Functions, via text message. “Show your personality and get real so your audience can understand and relate to you and your values.” Sharing how you navigated real-life struggles or complications is what resonates with followers. “People want to connect with real people over brands,” said Hickey.

2. Is There A Clear Call To Action (CTA) In My Post?

Once you’ve captured their attention with an authentic story, confirm that you have asked the reader to do something, also known as a CTA. As an active LinkedIn creature looking back on my posts, the most popular one was about being laid off. That social media post was story-based and ended up being reposted 452 times on LinkedIn with over 14,200 likes. The CTA asked readers, “What is working for you?” during this difficult time.

Due to the call to action and plot twist, the post went viral, and I quickly landed a new role. With a clear ask at the end of a post, readers have somewhere to take action. Having a CTA informs your network of the next steps and transfers a post online into real-life activities.

3. Am I Posting And Ghosting?

A solid story-based post is going to generate likes and comments. Nurturing engagement by liking and continuing the conversation plays into your success on social media. The worst possible thing to do is post and then go ghost by abandoning your network. If readers took the time to interact, the ball is in our court to acknowledge their effort. Checking notifications on LinkedIn is a great way never to miss a click.

Your network is hungry for content that resonates. Telling a story, including a CTA, and staying engaged with the comments on your post will snag their attention from the doldrums of doomscrolling on LinkedIn.