4th March 2024

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HEX signs with Sydney on work skills & networking

The School of Record partnership with the research intensive university paves the way for students to obtain university-level academic credit as they “upskill in innovation and entrepreneurship”, the partners said.

By enrolling on courses, HEX says students will “boost their chances to get into university with recognised global brand”, while also building employability skills and their network before commencing their degree.

It is ideal for students waiting for visas or travel arrangements, advanced high schoolers, school leavers who want to gain accelerated study or those who want to complete study while on gap years, the partners said.

As a School of Record, Sydney will accredit and issue certificates to HEX Ed Pro Programs graduates.

“We’re delighted the University of Sydney recognises the academic relevance of experiential learning that’s co-designed with industry and the next generation,” said HEX co-founder, Chris Hoffmann.

The programs, co-designed with Atlassian, teach high-demand skills and promote networking opportunities with supportive peers and professionals.

HEX’s ‘innovation gap year’ has also been created in response to increasing demand for short skills-based learning and will seek to address Australia’s digital skills gap.

Sydney’s accreditation offers both online learning via the HEX Ed Pro’s Tech, Money, You, Future and Innovation programs as well as intensive in-person learning in SingaporeHo Chi Minh City and Melbourne.

“A HEX program could be the difference between a student that goes on to have quite a traditional career path and a student who embraces the exponential future and all its possibilities,” Hoffmann added.

While School of Record arrangements are common in the US, prior learning for credit is usually approved on a case-by-case or subject-by-subject basis in Australia.

The new five-year agreement – coming into effect this year – has seen five programs assessed and verified by the University of Sydney’s Business School. Specific elective units are worth six credit points each.

Collaborating with HEX since 2018, Sydney sees the new partnership as a potential new pathway into the University’s Business School.

“HEX’s efforts to engage with students who have typically been underrepresented in post-school study aligns directly with our 10-year strategy to increase participation in higher education,” the university’s deputy vice-chancellor (Education), Joanne Wright, said.

“We expect many successful HEX alumni will direct their achievements towards further study at Sydney and other universities around the world,” she added.

The partnership “opens up student choice and increases the global portability of HEX programs”, co-founder and CEO, Jeanette Cheah, told The PIE.

“We expect that the University of Sydney globally recognised status will be a drawcard for international students,” she said.

“In 2023, we are focused on extending our reach to more students from the APAC region”

Students from around the world – HEX already has students from the UK and US – are expected to join the international and online programs, Cheah continued.

“In 2023, we are focused on extending our reach to more students from the APAC region including India.”

As most institutions already recognise Sydney’s accreditations and it has 200+ academic exchange partnerships globally, it is likely that other providers will not require additional agreements.

HEX is also creating a ‘Credit Articulation Network’ with universities around the world to allow a pipeline of quality students seamlessly translate credit into various institutions.

“HEX has built a semester’s worth of courses which is in line with the typical credit transfer (residency) requirements at most institutions,” Cheah concluded.