23rd September 2023

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June preview update for Windows 11 enables Moment 3 features for everyone

The June preview update for WIndows 11, version 22H2 is now out. Coming in as KB5027303, build 22621.1928, this release is a pretty big one compared to what we’ve gotten in the past. It enables features from the Windows 11 Moment 3 update for everyone. Previously some of these things were either turned off, or just in A/B testing. There’s also a round of improvements, on top of the usual bug fixes.

Hitting the highlights, there’s more than 21 new features that you can enjoy. As a reminder, some of the top new features you’ll see here include the option to add seconds to the clock in the system tray, a copy button for 2FA codes, the USB4 hub page, and new Content Adaptive Brightness Control. Other smaller things include notification badging for Microsoft accounts on the Start menu, improved sharing of a local file in File Explorer with Microsoft Outlook contacts, and live captions in new languages. The release also redesigns the in-app voice access command help page, adds new voice access commands in new English Languages, new voice access commands, and a new VPN status icon. You can check out the full changes in the list below.

As usual, these preview updates to address some issues that have been reported with Windows 11 over the past month. There’s a ton of improvements in this release across the operating system, covering things like the on-screen keyboard, File Explorer, Narrator, scheduling monthly tasks, and more. Here’s the full list.

That’s everything you need to know about this release. If you’re seeking to install it, make sure the get the latest updates as soon as they’re available button is checked in Windows Update. Then, go back and check for updates. Windows will then find the update and download it for you and prompt you to restart your PC when ready.