July 17, 2024

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Microsoft lets Windows 10 users with a multi-monitor configuration access Copilot

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has finally fixed the issue affecting the Copilot experience in Windows 10 when using a multi-monitor configuration.
  • The company placed a compatibility hold on affected devices in November 2023.
  • Windows 11 users also encountered the same issue, but Microsoft issued a fix earlier this year and indicated it was still working on a fix for Windows 10.

Despite Windows 10’s looming death and end-of-support date slated for October 14, 2025, Microsoft shipped its Copilot AI assistant to the operating system. As you might have guessed, Microsoft decided to ship the AI assistant to Windows 10 because it still holds the biggest market share (1 billion monthly active users) compared to Windows 11’s 400 million monthly active devices.

However, the Copilot experience in Windows 10 was short-lived for some users. The experience was negatively affected by a bug that caused desktop icons to move sporadically and icon alignment issues. This prompted the company to place a compatibility hold on Windows devices with multi-monitor configurations while it worked on a fix. 


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