20th May 2024

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Microsoft sacks employee who was with them for 33 years, worked on Windows 95. Here’s why | Trending

Jeff Bogdan, Director of Learning and Development (L&D) at Microsoft Windows, worked at the company for 33 years and was sacked in February. His job elimination came as a result of HR adopting the hub and spoke model for L&D that he was pitching. After losing his job, Bogdan took to LinkedIn to share his experience at Microsoft.

A Microsoft logo is seen on an office building in New York City, US. (REUTERS/ FILE)
A Microsoft logo is seen on an office building in New York City, US. (REUTERS/ FILE)

“My 33-year run with the wonderful Microsoft came to a close in February when my job was eliminated. I spent the last two weeks at Microsoft trying to say a ‘proper goodbye’ to my enormous second family. I then spent the two weeks that followed in Chelan, half the time with family and half the time in solo reflection.” wrote Bogdan in his post. (Also Read: Ex-Microsoft engineer slams Windows 11’s ‘comically bad’ performance: ‘Built parts of it but now…’)

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He further added, “My entire MS career has been an incredible ride. The three products I am proudest of are Windows Phone, Zune, and Windows 95. But the biggest payoff for me came in these last two years when I pitched and landed an L&D role in Windows. My premise was that, after successfully spreading a ‘learn-it-all’ mindset throughout the org, it was time to spread a ‘teach-it-all’ mindset to accompany this. I focused on organising the learning investments for a 2,000-person organisation and then worked to align that with learning & development offerings from our parent organisations and from central HR.”

Take a look at his entire post here:

Jeff Bodgan on LinkedIn.
Jeff Bodgan on LinkedIn.
Jeff Bodgan on LinkedIn.
Jeff Bodgan on LinkedIn.

This post was shared on April 15. Since being posted, it has gained close to 3,000 likes and numerous comments.

Here’s how people reacted to the post:

An individual wrote, “We still have people saying you just have to do quality work, and you’ll keep your job, even in these difficult times. Well, we got someone here who created Windows 95, but that still wasn’t enough. What hope is there for the rest of us, then? On the bright side, I imagine you’ll be back in business somewhere very fast.” (Also Read: This Indian-origin Microsoft employee quit his job. Shark Tank US gave him…)

A second commented, “Microsoft definitely did something wrong to let someone as amazing as you go. You have been an inspiration and a great mentor. You’ll be a tremendous addition to any place that is fortunate enough to have you, and I can’t wait to see what shenanigans you’re up to next!”

“Best of luck in your next set of endeavours. My position with Microsoft was eliminated after 20 years and seven months; I miss being there and will always think of it as my professional home,” posted a third.

A fourth said, “Hey Jeff, sorry to hear of the end of your time at MS; it was great working with you so many years ago! I hope you’ll find life on the other side exciting; so much is different from the last time you looked for a job!”