5th March 2024

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Microsoft Store on Windows 11now loads much faster

What you need to know

  • A recent update to the Microsoft Store shortens the time it takes to load the application.
  • For some users, the Microsoft Store took seven seconds to launch, but it now takes two seconds.
  • The faster launch speed arrived with an update that brings the Microsoft Store to version 22309.

The Microsoft Store should now launch much faster, thanks to a recent update. Those running version 22309 of the Microsoft Store should see significantly faster launch speeds, in some cases increasing performance by five seconds. The change was spotted by Daniel, an independent developer who created a Nightingale client, the Ambie White Noise app, and Pillbox Pro.

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In Daniel’s experience, the launch time of the Microsoft Store dropped from seven seconds to two seconds. Your results may vary, but the app certainly appears to open much quicker than before the update.