4th March 2024

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Microsoft WinGet package deal supervisor failing from expired SSL certificate


Microsoft’s WinGet deal supervisor is presently acquiring challenges putting in or upgrading deals just after WinGet CDN’s SSL/TLS certification expired.

Produced in May 2020, the open up source Home windows Offer Supervisor (WinGet) allows people to set up programs specifically from the command line.

Update, Feb 12th 8:40 PM: The issue was resolved hours after publishing. Demitrius Nelon, Microsoft’s Senior Item Supervisor states a root bring about analysis will follow on Monday.

WinGet down after CDN’s SSL expires

Starting off late night hrs of Saturday, Windows buyers started reporting problems when trying to install or up grade applications by way of WinGet.

WinGet user Tiger Wang shared a screenshot on GitHub of their command line throwing an “InternetOpenUrl() failed” mistake as they tried running simple WinGet commands, this sort of as:

winget upgrade --all --verbose.

Users report errors while using WinGet
People report faults when working with WinGet (GitHub)

This report was seconded by a different user who was also experiencing the situation. The dilemma appears to be linked to WinGet CDN’s SSL/TLS certificate that has now expired.

When navigating to the CDN URL, https://cdn.winget.microsoft.com in Chrome, BleepingComputer received the subsequent mistake:

WinGet CDN SSL expiration
WinGet CDN’s SSL/TLS certification expiration warning (BleepingComputer)

Each the warning and the certificate facts affirm that WinGet CDN’s certificate stopped becoming valid over the weekend:

SSL expiry date
Certificate’s expiry day shown in GMT+05:30 (BleepingComputer)

What is a short-term remedy?

Until eventually Microsoft renews the SSL certification, WinGet users can rest uncomplicated understanding you can find an alternate workaround to deal with the circumstance.

This will involve introducing the pursuing resource URL to WinGet’s checklist of resources, as opposed to relying exclusively on cdn.winget.microsoft.com. That way, WinGet can fetch the offers from this alternate server which has a legitimate certificate at the time of creating.


“You can add a resource like https://winget.azureedge.net/cache working with the command below,” GitHub user qilme advised.

sudo winget supply add -n winget https://winget.azureedge.internet/cache

The winget tool supply command enables users to manage resources for Home windows Offer Manager. With the source command, one can incorporate, listing, edit, delete, reset, or export repositories used by WinGet.

Take note: When executing the previously mentioned command, ‘sudo’ is not required if the command is being run in PowerShell by an administrator account. Should really you experience errors, check out eliminating the default WinGet resource prior to introducing the new azureedge url.

The azureedge URL in question is an alias for WinGet’s CDN, albeit with a valid certification which helps make it a viable alternative for WinGet devs:

nslookup DNS query for WinGet CDN
‘nslookup’ results for WinGet CDN’s hostname (BleepingComputer)

Once Microsoft has renewed the most important CDN’s certificate, users can optionally decide on to reset their source URLs by running another command:

“You can always run winget resource reset –pressure (as admin) to get back to defaults,” advises GitHub user Adam Langbert.

Prior to nowadays, WinGet’s past common disruption transpired in November 2022 due to the CDN returning a “-byte database file” when queried.