5th March 2024

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Networking with fellow municipal leaders at next week’s AMM Conference – DiscoverWestman.com

‘Honouring Yesterday, Treasuring Today, Shaping Tomorrow’ is the theme at next week’s Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) Conference in Brandon.

The annual event will be taking place from November 28-30 at the Keystone Centre, where representatives from municipalities from across the province will be meeting together, as well as with Provincial government leaders.

Head of Council for Boissevain-Morton, Judy Swanson, says she’s quite excited to be joining her fellow council members from across Manitoba at this year’s conference.

“There’s a lot of different things happening,” shares Swanson, “first of all we have a new government so we will have the opportunity for us to get to know them, to have some discussion with them, and just to listen to where they’re going to go. It’s an exciting time.” 

The conference includes a trade show and breakout sessions, special speakers and presentations.

Mayor Swanson has been asked to present the Boissevain-Morton pool project in one of the breakout sessions, and she’s quite looking forward to sharing the process of navigating through a project this size.  “I’ll be sharing what a municipality has to go through in order to get a new pool, and how you work with the government, and how you have to depend on people who know how to build the pool to get you to the end result.  So, I’m excited about that.  It showcases Boissevain-Morton.”

The conference also facilitates resolutions to present to the Provincial government.  This year Boissevain-Morton Council has put forward two resolutions; one is together with other municipalities and the second addresses the funding of larger municipal projects and the burden of increasing inflation rates.

Please listen to Mayor Judy’s further comments on these two resolutions below.

The AMM also invites the government ‘of the day’ to participate, says Swanson. “So, we will have speakers from the Province and we will hear from the Opposition, and we have an opportunity to meet with some of the Ministers. We have requested to meet with two Ministers if the time provides for us to sit down with them for a brief time.”

“It’s also the networking with other municipal leaders,” she adds. “We do get together as Western Caucus which is really fun, and that’s just our local area but this gives us an opportunity to talk to people from right across the province. So, I’m looking forward to next week!”

“Mainly, it’s to get to know, especially if there’s a new government, is to get the feel and to get to know what direction we’re going.”

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