22nd September 2023

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Score Microsoft Office Pro 2021 and Microsoft Windows Pro for 86% off

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Microsoft Office 2021 Professional

$55 $419 Save $364

Save 86 per cent on this bundle deal from Microsoft that’s perfect for students, professionals, and more.

As a Windows enthusiast, I love being able to use Microsoft Office Pro whenever I need to in order to complete my projects. The minor glitch in the matrix? Whenever I get a new laptop – which happens with fair frequency as a tech writer – I need to install Windows Office. That’s what makes this great deal we found here at Pocket-lint so awesome. The typical price of a Microsoft Office Pro subscription can run in the hundreds. Right now, you can get Microsoft Office Pro 2021 Lifetime License and Microsoft Windows Pro for only $55, saving you over $350 in this bundle deal.

Why Microsoft Office Pro 2021 Lifetime License and Microsoft Windows Pro is worth your money

Chances are that if you’re a business professional or student, you’re using Microsoft Office to complete your projects. And its with good reason – after all, Microsoft Office sports a library of project-based software including Microsoft Word and Excel, two of the most common processing software available.

In addition to getting Microsoft Office and Excel, you’ll get the full library of professional software, including Outlook, Powerpoint, OneNote, Publisher, Access, and the free version of Teams. One thing to note that while this is a one-time purchase, this deal grants you a lifetime subscription and don’t need to pay the $69 annual usage fee.So essentially, you’re paying less than the annual fee for a lifetime value package.

Plus, because the subscription is bundled with Microsoft Windows Pro, you’ll get Windows’ signature operating system bundled in. It’s a professional, not a personal package, that’s designed for hybrid employees. As such, it comes with a host of enhancements, particularly in security. You’ll get Wake & Lock, a feature that will automatically lock your laptop while you’re away and unlock it when you return with your much-needed cup of morning coffee. And, if your laptop supports it, you’ll get biometrics login.

In addition to these security features, it comes with DirectX 12 Ultimate for all of your gaming needs, touchscreen compatibility, and the ability to create custom desktop layouts to get all of your work done.

If you’re in the market for some new software ahead of the school year or are looking to upgrade your current laptop, now is the time. Save 86 per cent and score this bundle deal, valued at over $400, for only $55.