4th March 2024

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SEHMUA 4G LTE 3rd Gen Cellular Trail Camera review

Trail cams are a great way to learn about the movements of wildlife in any chosen location. You can identify paths that help with wildlife photography or hunting (if that’s your thing) or maybe you’re just curious what goes on in and around any given place.

Sehmua 4G LTE 3rd Trail Cam: Specifications

Camera: 2k Night Vision 850nm LED Low-glow night vision 
Trigger Time: 0.2s
Video: HD up to 3.7MP2560 × 1440
SIM: IOT SIM Compatible
Power: 4W solar panel and built-in battery
Connectivity: Remote Monitoring & Cloud Storage via IOT SIM

There are hundreds of trail cams from all kinds of vendors at all kinds of price points but the ability to monitor remotely via a mobile network, and with night vision, is maybe the biggest feature to make or break any trail cams reputation.