23rd September 2023

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Sony ZV-1 II review | Digital Camera World

The Sony ZV range has been around for a few years now, first introduced to jump into the rapidly growing segment of vlogging and social content creation. The ZV range aims to offer small and compact systems that produce better content than what is achievable with the phone already in your pocket.

Sony kicked off the range with the original Sony ZV-1, and in just a few years we now have five unique cameras in the lineup, suggesting that it has turned out to be a financial winner for Sony. Sony is now releasing a sequel to the ZV-1, fittingly named the Sony ZV-1 II, although, from the specs sheet, it is more of a revision than a revolution, and how does it stack up against the original model?

The Sony ZV-1 II is a very small compact camera, you could easily slip this in a jacket pocket (Image credit: Gareth Bevan / Digital Camera World)

Sony ZV-1 II: Specifications