16th April 2024

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There’s no need to wait for Pentax – new half-frame cameras are already here!

The great thing about walking the halls of The Photography & Video Show is that you can get hands-on with products you have only ever seen online. This was the case for me this morning when I saw Alfie Cameras, which has created a unique half-frame analog camera with four in-built lenses!

Since successfully being backed on Kickstarter, the Alfie Cameras Tych and Tych+ have undergone further development that combines both analog and digital technologies to bring film cameras to a wider audience. With half-frame cameras on the minds of large manufacturers such as Pentax, Alfie Cameras is ahead of the game with the Tych and Tych+ available now.  

(Image credit: Future)

There are many mixed feelings about half-frame film photography, especially from photographers who have experience shooting with film, but for enthusiasts looking to take their first analog steps I think it might be the perfect introduction.