18th May 2024

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This year’s ‘Windows 12’ might just be nothing more than a large update for Windows 11, rather than a whole new operating system

To the casual observer, the story of the next version of Windows seems to be slowly turning into a 1990s-style sitcom: Will it come out in 2024? Will it be called Windows 12? Will it be full of AI gimmicks? Will Copilot finally get that date with Monica? Adding to the never-ending mystery of it all are reports that Windows 11 will receive a large update later this year and that this could be ‘Windows 12’ and not a whole new operating system.

Let’s begin with a recent earnings call by Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon (via Tom’s Hardware) who said that the company was aiming to launch its forthcoming Snapdragon X Elite processor around the same time as Microsoft releases its next version of Windows. Amon doesn’t specifically say ‘Windows 12’ nor makes any reference to a major update, though.