July 17, 2024

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TSTC spotlights online computer programming technology program | School News

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Texas State Technical College Marshall recently spotlighted their computer programming technology department and the opportunities the 100%-online program can provide students.

TSTC computer programming technology online team lead Kathryn Wilganowski spoke about the program as similar to learning a new language with regards to computer coding. She said that learning the language is essential to the development of both computer and mobile applications.

“The languages you learn are going to be C#, Java, Python, and then you’re going to learn about databases,” said Wilganowski. “You’re going to learn how to work with the databases and the software together to be able to create software projects.”

Wilganowski is a graduate of the program, and works alongside TSTC computer programming technology instructor Alley Borden to better align the program with current industry demands. The program incorporates a wide-range of potential careers through its learning materials on computer coding and other relevant topics. TSTC stated that graduates have earned careers for Citibank, Texas Instruments, the U.S. military and NASA.

“There’s a high demand for programmers almost anywhere,” Borden said. “No one is ashamed to say, ‘I’m a computer programmer, and I work at this company.’”

The computer programming technology program at TSTC is all online and offers an associate of applied science degree, as well as certificates of completion in Java developer, mobile app developer and software developer. The program is included in the college’s performance-based education programs, which allows for students to have more flexible scheduling to complete their degree.

TSTC states that the program helps students to analyze problems, develop solutions, then code a program to execute it. This will be used for application development and other techniques for troubleshooting, organizing and strategizing.

TSTC computer programming technology student Michal Wyatt commented on the program’s opportunities, allowing her to be with her family through potential remote work, and said she is potentially looking to enter a government job after graduation. Wyatt is a first-generation college student.

“My husband is local, and he is the one who introduced me to TSTC,” said Wyatt. “When I allowed myself to reach out and step out of my bubble and seek out what the school has to offer, TSTC became a family to me.”


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