23rd September 2023

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Windows 11 pushes Bing with ‘unintended’ notification

What you need to know

  • Microsoft is showing a prompt to use Bing to some people who use Google Chrome.
  • Microsoft claims that the notification is “unintended behavior” and has paused it.
  • Many are dubious of Microsoft’s claim since the company has aggressively pushed Bing to users in the past.

Microsoft is once again pushing Bing through Windows 11. The tech giant spamming people with prompts and notifications to try Bing is nothing new, but the latest chapter of the ongoing saga is likely to anger folks.

People have seen prompts to switch to Bing and showed them on Reddit for months, but The Verge’s Tom Warren brought the issue to the forefront. Warren saw a pop-up recently the was particularly pushy. Rather than a notification within Edge or even the notification center within Windows 11, Warren spotted an executable file that caused a pop-up to appear on the desktop.