Thể thao và Lãng mạn

Làm sao thể thao có thể lãng mạn được? Nó đơn giản. Chỉ cần hỏi bất kỳ người đàn ông nào đã cổ vũ cho đội bóng yêu thích của anh ấy, trong khi âu yếm vợ anh ấy, và anh ấy sẽ nói cho bạn biết.

Nhiều phụ nữ mà tôi biết nói rằng ghét tất cả các môn thể thao. Tại sao? Nếu đó là thứ mà chồng bạn thực sự thích, chẳng phải bạn muốn tìm hiểu về nó và chia sẻ mối quan hệ chung của các môn thể thao hơn là để anh ấy xem nó một mình hoặc luôn rời đi để xem nó với bạn bè của anh ấy? Tôi? Tôi thà là một người vợ thể thao hơn là một góa phụ thể thao.

Trước khi bạn bắt đầu hoảng sợ, hãy để tôi lén đưa ra lời tuyên bố từ chối trách nhiệm. Không, bạn không cần phải mặc áo parka và ngồi chơi trò chơi Green Bay Packers lạnh như băng vào tháng 11 để thể hiện tình yêu của bạn với chồng. Hai bạn chắc chắn có thể cùng nhau ngồi ấm áp và ấm cúng trên chiếc ghế dài trong phòng khách để chứng tỏ rằng anh ấy là người đặc biệt đối với bạn.

Ý nghĩ bị nhốt trong nhà xem một trò chơi có khiến bạn rơi nước mắt không? Nếu vậy, hãy đưa anh ấy đi du lịch để xem đội bóng hoặc cầu thủ chuyên nghiệp yêu thích của anh ấy. Hoặc, để có một buổi hẹn hò thoải mái hơn, hãy tham gia một trò chơi ở trường Trung học cơ sở hoặc Trung học phổ thông tại địa phương. Bạn sẽ thích năng lượng. Thật khó để không bị cuốn hút khi Read the rest

Using Digital Education Technology In Today’s Analog School

It’s mind-boggling: more than sixty percent of our first graders will some day work at jobs that are not even created today.

We can’t even imagine what kinds of jobs exactly might those be, but one thing is for sure: it will has to do with technology. That’s why every child needs to learn how to use technology.

It is important to note right away that this enormous emphasis on technology use does not mean that the teachers will become less important, quite contrary. Technology is here to be used as a tool by teachers and empower them to deliver lessons in a way that the old analog school, still stuck in the last century, is simply not able right now. Teacher are indispensable as the most powerful motivators that exist to actually get children to learn, using the most modern technology or not.

Examples of using education technology in practice include, for instance, incorporating rich media and online resources as means of accessing knowledge. Konseling Online Even games can be used as education technology, especially adaptive software that is made to be greatly interactive. Classroom assessment tools can enable teachers to immediately spot the gaps in their students’ knowledge and tailor their teaching accordingly. Data analysis and management tools can offer valuable feedback that assists teachers and school leaders in better information management.

Some studies have found that when technology is involved in learning, the students are more engaged in knowledge acquisition. Since technology in the classroom offers specialized learning, struggling students are more likely to catch up with their peers when they can use education technology.

Of course, it is impossible to talk about education technology without at least mentioning e-learning and the MOOC (massive open online courses) revolution. Lowongan Kerja They are giving the students around the

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What Is a Multivibrator And Types Of Multivibrators

What is a Multivibrator? A multivibrator is an electronic circuit that rapidly switches because of positive feedback between multiple states. The switch’s output is harmonic. Three types of multivibrator circuits are used in industry today: astable, monostable, and bistable.

Signetics developed the 555 timer in 1971. This common multivibrator application is an integrated circuit and remains in production today. It operates in bistable, astable, or monostable modes based on how it is connected and how the circuit’s external components are arranged. Universitas Swasta di Bandung The timer is used in a number of applications today, including quartz watches, AM radio receivers, cell phones, pagers, audio-frequency equipment, music synthesizers, and GPS wireless receivers and transmitters.

Types of Multi-Vibrators

a. Monostable Multi-vibrator: A monostable multivibrator is the type of multivibrator circuit whose output is in only one stable state. It is also known as the one-shot multivibrator. In a monostable multivibrator, the output pulse duration is determined by the RC time constant and is given as 1.11*R*C

b. A Stable Multi-vibrator: A stable vibrator is a circuit with an oscillating output. It doesn’t need any external triggering, and it has got no stable state. It is a type of regenerative oscillator.

c. Bistable Multi-vibrator: A bistable vibrator is a circuit with two stable states: high and low. Generally, a switch is required for toggling between the high and low state of the output.


Bistable multivibrator can be used as a bi directional switch. ie, as an ON and OFF switch. One stable state implies to ON and the second to OFF.

Monostable Multivibrator can be used to simply trigger a circuit for a particular input. ie, in circuits involving Microcontrollers sensing particular parameters (touch, humidity etc.). Thus making the circuit respond to the inputs.

Astable multivibrators can be used as oscillators

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Claim Your Beauty

Our lessons often pop up when we least expect them, and this is exactly what happened to me one August day in 2005. I had spent the day facilitating a workshop in Vancouver with two colleagues, Lee and Doreen. At the end of the first day, the three of us went out to supper to discuss workshop events and plan for the following day. Naturally the conversation moved to our personal lives. Because I’m single, Doreen asked how I was doing in the relationship department. I revealed that I had recently enlisted the services of a matchmaking company.

“The thing is, I don’t like writing my own profile,” I admitted. “The sample profiles I saw all started with, ‘I am attractive, I am beautiful’… and I was advised to follow this approach because men often use appearance as a key factor in selecting dates. But saying ‘I’m beautiful’ is too in-your-face for me.”

“It’s not that I think I am ugly,” I clarified. “I just don’t look at myself as beautiful. I’m really uncomfortable writing, ‘I am a beautiful woman.'”

Doreen looked directly at me, eyes fixed on mine, and declared, “Margaret, you have to claim your beauty!” I began to squirm. And then I did what I generally do when I don’t like where the conversation is going – I changed the subject.

Over the next three days, my mind kept drifting back to Doreen’s assertive statement: “Margaret, you have to claim your beauty.” She was right, of course. Why was I so reluctant to stand up and acknowledge my own beauty? Why did the very idea of it make me uncomfortable?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that most women feel the same way. More often than not, women are far more comfortable acknowledging

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Beat The Competition With These Social Media Marketing Tips

If there is one big change in business advertising and marketing in recent years, it is social media marketing. The opportunities for utilizing social media to increase business are growing every day. The social media tips contained in this article will help your business thrive. Make it as easy as possible for your users to subscribe to your information. kampanye di media sosial Used in tandem with social media marketing, the relatively age-old method of email marketing can be quite effective. Profiles in social media sites often allow you to add various buttons and an RSS feed.

You want them everywhere you can think of, your blog, email, website and anywhere else you can think of. Try to add your links to other profiles as well to encourage multiple sources of traffic for your site. You want to make it as simple as possible for potential customers to subscribe and sign up for your business’s blog. Make sure people can see the button to subscribe to your feed. This will make it easier for followers to leave their information, follow your posts and share your content with friends. Keep it in mind that people still have Internet that is slow, so if the subscribe button can load first it’s recommended to do that. When using social media marketing as a tool for your business, it is crucial that you pay attention to the content that is being posted since it represents your business.

Mistakes can go viral as easily as good information and quality content. While this may generate a lot of publicity for your business, oftentimes, it is not the publicity that you are seeking. Add a tag when you post on Twitter. Just add in a “#,” followed by a relevant phrase, after you put updates up on

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