WinGet 1.4 launches with zip extraction support and more

Windows Package Manager in the Microsoft Store

Microsoft has announced the availability of WinGet 1.4. Notable in this update is the zip support that can automatically extract installation packages from zipped folders and install them. The installer packages that are supported are MSIX, MSI, and EXE. This release also includes new command aliases for people more familiar with other command line tools.

This is what’s new in Windows Package Manager (WinGet) 1.4:

WinGet Show Improvements

A few more manifest values like tags and purchase URL were added to the output (if they are present) of winget show . Below I have an example running winget show oh-my-posh -s winget. Since Oh My Posh is available both in the Microsoft Store and the Windows Package Manager community repository, I narrowed the results down to the “winget” source. If you like the colorful display in my prompt, that’s the prompt theme engine I’m using.

Screenshot of WinGet Show Improvements

Command Aliases

Muscle memory can be hard to overcome. If you’ve ever tried to type “dir” on a Linux system or “ls” on Windows, you know what I mean. Several new command aliases have been added to WinGet that might help a little. When you run winget with no arguments, the default help displays the available commands. If you drill in a bit running winget –help you will see if any aliases are available. Below, you can see “find” is an alias for “search”. Other command aliases include add for install, update for upgrade, remove and rm for uninstall, ls for list, and config for settings.

Screenshot showing command aliases

As you might expect, you can now run winget find vscode and the same output is displayed as if you had run winget search vscode.

Screenshot of WinGet Find alias

Note: The results displayed when searching the Windows Package Manager Community repository are ordered by a “best match” heuristic. WinGet evaluates the

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